Henteleff Park:
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Prepared by: Tara Carnochan, April 2007


Henteleff park is situated on a 30-acre parcel of land that lies along the banks of Winnipeg’s Red River. Normand Creek also flows through the park. Henteleff is a passive park, and can be considered an excellent example of what Perlman and Milder (2005) term category 2 conservation, in which landscapes are managed to protect natural biodiversity but also accommodate low-impact human uses such as hiking, picnicking, bird-watching, and natural photography (p.134).

“Henteleff Park is both a park for passive [low impact] recreational use and an civic tree nursery, with a mixture of native vegetation and rows of ornamental trees. Collaborative efforts by the Henteleff Park Foundation Inc. and the City of Winnipeg are underway to restore the riparian habitats along the Red River and Normand Creek and improve the area for wildlife.  Wood chip trails, benches and interpretive signage [in progress] have been installed for the added ease and enjoyment of park users.  To protect the public from some of the hazards related to the tree nursery operation, it is necessary to restrict public use in some areas.” ( Henteleff Park Site Development Committee, 2007)

Park sign at entry.