IKO Industries - Contaminated Site on the Seine River Greenway
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Toxic Spot / Emissions Contaminated Site

  • Introduction

    Prepared by: David Danyluk, May 2006


    Location IKO Industries:

    421 Archibald Street /Seine River Greenway (St. Boniface)

    The site is currently owned by IKO Industries a shingle manufacturer.  The site use has been consistently industrial since 1909.  A historical ownership summary is as follows:

    ·       1909 Barrett Co. (roofing and siding manufacturer – also processed crude coal tar for waterproof roofing until ~1958)

    ·       1966 Barrett Co. merged with Allied Chemicals

    ·       1967 -1983 Canadian Gypsum Company

    ·       1984 – present IKO Industries (manufacturer of asphaltic and bituminous waterproofing products – current operation is reduced, or almost nil but not abandoned)

    The site is a 3.7 hectare, industrial property located at 421 Archibald St. It is bordered by a rail line (north), a city road (east), another industrial property (south) and the Seine River (west). 

    Discovery of Contamination and Legal Implications

    Evidence of contamination was discovered in 1995 when an oily sheen (deleterious substance) was reported on the river surface that appeared to be coming form the riverbank of 421 Archibald St.  This triggered the Province of Manitoba’s involvement under the Contaminated Sites Remediation Act (CSRA).  The property owner was required to conduct a Site Investigation Report (SIR) as outlined in the Guideline for Environmental Site Investigations in Manitoba.  As a result the property owner was obligated to investigate the nature of possible contamination.  In accordance to the CSRA the current and recent property owners were considered ‘potentially responsible parties’ (PRP) and have agreed amongst themselves to remain involved and cooperate.

    Local media have reported on the contamination.

    Even worse, the riverbank just south of Provencher Boulevard is polluted with an ugly and pungent mass of coal tar on land adjacent to shingle company IKO Manitoba Ltd. This mess, which dates back more than 50 years, predates the company's acquisition of the plant and will be cleaned up as soon as an engineering firm completes a soil remediation study, IKO spokesman John Stefaniuk says.” 

    Paddling the Seine by Bartley Kives - Winnipeg Free Press. May 4th 2002