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Urban Villages: Osborne











Osborne Village and Ecology:Cities with higher densities, on average consume less gasoline. Osborne Village has a density comparable to Frankfurt Germanys overall density (approximately 21du/ac). An example in the North American example is San Francisco has an overall population density of about 5 du/ac (Hough, 2004: 206). It would be interesting to continue the research and study Osborne Village resident’s gasoline consumption versus the rest of Winnipeg’s. The initial assumption is that residents would use less gas than residents in other parts of the city.

Osborne Village has somewhat of a natural corridor that runs along its Northern boarder and patches of natural lands. Patches, corridors, edges/boundaries and mosaics make up the components of landscape ecology principles. Patches are isolated from other natural areas but can be connected by corridors (Drumstad et al, 1996). Corridors and patches are the Assiniboine River and its southern bank connects the Red Rivers western bank and also runs out of the city to the West. The main issue with the Assiniboine River bank corridor is that the natural riparian area is not continuous. Large apartment buildings to the West of Osborne Village are built out close to the waters edge. Also many other private land owners’ property lines extend right to the rivers edge. The private ownership of the river bank and lack of buffer hinder the potential this land has to be a strong natural corridor. There are also two small parks that are patches of natural or green space in the neighbourhood. Fort Rouge Park is located between River Avenue and the Assiniboine River. This park is connected to other natural areas by the river bank corridor. The other park is a naturalized area on Stradbrook Avenue. It has no natural connections to other natural or green areas.







View to Osborne Village with the Assiniboine River in foreground, Photo: Chris Baker

Apartment Buildings West of Osborne Village along the Assiniboine. Photo: Chris Baker